Services for International Students and Visitors
Scheduling Notice
While every effort will be made to accommodate last minute
requests and emergencies, we cannot guarantee service unless 24
hours notice is given.

Reimbursements for goods purchased
Town and Country will advance a reasonable amount for purchases
or payments made while running errands or performing services.  
Reimbursement is expected upon delivery of goods or services.

Notice:  all prices quoted are subject to change without notice.
In addition to our errands services, some of our
packages and services are particularly useful to
International Students and Visitors
Relocation Services  Assistance with relocation to a new home,
apartment  or office.
We can coordinate the move and help with packing, moving, removing
disposables and recyclables, donating usables to charities, and selling
of household items.
We can help you move into and organize your new space, furnish the
home with essentials, and put things away.   
We can also coordinate utilities and other services for you.
If you are new to Ann Arbor, we can provide a community orientation to
help you get used to your new city.

This service can be especially useful for international students and visitors
arriving to set up apartments in Ann Arbor .
Please contact us for a free estimate.
Home PC User Coaching  Recommend and install anti-virus, anti-spam
and firewall programs;  and provide coaching on email, digital photos, web
camera, web browsing and basic PC file management.   
$50/per hour.
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