While-you-are-away Packages
Scheduling Notice
While every effort will be made to accommodate last minute
requests and emergencies, we cannot guarantee service unless 24
hours notice is given.

Reimbursements for goods purchased
Town and Country will advance a reasonable amount  for purchases
or payments made while running errands or performing services.  
Reimbursement is expected upon delivery of goods or services.

Notice:  all prices quoted are subject to change without notice.
Our unique, specialized packages make your time away
from home a more relaxed experience
Cruise Control- the ultimate vacation check-in Package!  While you
cruise by sea, sky or highway, we will keep things under control at home.  
  • House check for security, heating, and storm damage, mail collected
  • Pets fed, exercised.  Includes petting and play-time.
  • Plants lovingly watered and groomed.
Starts at $15/visit.  Weekly or longer plans available.  Free Estimate.  Contact us to
schedule this service.
Elder Check-in-  Whether you are at work or out of town, your elder
loved-one will benefit from a daily check-in.  We provide a daily observation
of their well-being, simple meal prep, companionship and reading, lite
housekeeping, mail, lights, home security check, and yes, we will clean the
litter box.
Starts at $40/1-hour visit.  Weekly or longer plans available.  Free Estimate.  Contact us to
schedule this service.
About Us
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Snowbird House-sitting- if you're heading south for some
extended sun-time, leave the safety of your home in good hands with
Town and Country's  scheduled weekly home check-in service.  We
use a standard check-list, a list of approved emergency repair
businesses and we will even dust, replace light bulbs, stock the
refrigerator and turn up the heat for your return.   This service includes
extra visits in case of weather emergencies and immediate notification
of any problems.  And yes, it's for you Sunbirds, too!
Call for an estimate based on your length of stay.